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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year from all of us at Bass Events!! Cheers to a year brimming with prosperity and happiness!!!

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Pre-NADA Promotion

We are now offering $1,000 dollars off of the price of installation for our Fixed Operations and Variable Sales programs! 

Due to our consultants schedules' nearly reaching their limit, this deal is only valid for the first six dealerships who contact me. 

Fixed Performance has no contracts; additionally we offer a 100% money back guarantee for all clients. Our consulting team has total dedication to achieve…


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Want Loyal Customers? Make Them Owners

The LA Times reported this month that, in an interesting move, AMC Entertainment, the owner of over 300 movie theaters including 25 of the 50 highest grossing theaters…


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DealerELITE 2014 Predictions and Hopes

The 2013 calendar year came with many outcomes, surprises, and results. DealerELITE wants to ask you what you think 2014 will bring...

What is your PREDICTION and/or HOPE for 2014 in the automotive industry?

Write your comments below and we will share these thoughts with our members. Do you know what's in store?

To get things started, we predict Mitsubishi will pull…


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PRESS RELEASE: Jason Good Joins CarChat24 as VP Marketing and Alliances

Palm Harbor, Fla. -, Inc. / CarChat24, a leader in 24/7 Staffed Auto Dealer Chat Support, and Dealer Chat Software as a Service, announced today the appointment of Jason Good as Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances. Good joins the team in a leadership…


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The Transformation of Public Relations Firms

A lot of people have the misconception that a public relations firm simply deals with the media while churning out press releases. While this may have been closer to the truth in the past, the digital age has greatly transformed the opportunities available to gain exposure for clients. Great PR firms have capitalized on these opportunities to further increase exposure for…


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Treat Your Strengths As A Weakness

Why do we alienate what we have and covet what we don’t? We’re quick to ignore what is in our search for what else in life-always longing for the shiny balls of strengths that everyone else seem to possess-ignorant of our own. You have strengths that you do not fully utilize, why?  Because your…


Added by Marsh Buice on December 30, 2013 at 12:00pm — 25 Comments

Activity, Availability and Access

Following is the Used Car Market Report this week from the editors of Black Book. It is hard to believe another year has come and gone. It is exciting to think about what’s ahead within the used market as volumes continue to…


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Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - Special Edition With General Sales Manager Charlie Kearns 856-546-2440

Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - Special Edition With General Sales Manager Charlie…


Added by Sean V. Bradley on December 30, 2013 at 10:58am — 3 Comments

Topseos + Vendor BS = Dealers being deceived

Recently I received an email from a Company called Topseos which showed many of the So called “top” companies for internet marketing.

This site caught my attention because a I've seen their name pop up in search and a well known Automotive Consultant has branding on their website as being recognized by topseos as one of the best so I decided to contact topseos to find out the criteria to be a top ranked Company in an effort to learn how our company…


Added by Mathew Koenig on December 30, 2013 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

Turning Satisfied Into Loyal

Every day we hear about customer satisfaction. Companies do surveys to find out how satisfied their customers are with the service they received. Some even go so far as to reward employees with bonuses or prizes based on satisfied customers.


That’s just wrong. ‘Satisfied’ is the lowest level of acceptable customer service. Your business gains little from…


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The Truth About the Concept of Content Being King

If you've participated in automotive internet marketing for long enough, you've very likely heard the concept that "content is King." It was in play back in the days when I started researching search engine optimization all those years ago and it never really stopped. There was a dirty little secret that few of us in the SEO community ever mentioned, but it's been…


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Do something funny on video ~ 'Livin On a Prayer' Just Charted Thanks to a Four-Year-Old Viral Video

We live in a strange world. Thanks to the internet's multifaceted infostream, time, formerly arrow-straight, has wrapped around itself like a Hot Wheels track which now, unfortunately, has sent the miniature muscle car of history careening back to the 80s.…


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Are You a Planner or Do You Live in the Now?

Are you the type of person who plans every aspect of your life, months or even years in advance? Or are you the type of person that does everything on a whim? I've always considered myself the latter in my personal life because I like the thrill of spontaneous plans. However, I take a different approach when it comes to working in automotive advertising.

In automotive marketing, it is best to plan for the future months instead of working in the current month. There are plenty of…


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The Right Way and The Wrong Way

During the analysis and evaluation we conduct prior to starting a training program the question of ethics and standard business practices we train on usually requires some explanation. In other words, Dealer Principals and General Managers want to hear from us that we conduct our training programs ethically and professionally.

If I were to stand in a room full of Dealer Principals and ask "Who in here believes that the best way to take care of a customer is to sell extra or un-needed…


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"Do Sh*t! Real Companies Do" Real Companies Do Real Things!


We’re all familiar the use of directories, and they can be fine for link building. But using them over and over again isn’t real company sh*t. Real marketing value comes from listening to what the target consumer is searching for and building content around those queries. Essentially, we should strive to become the go-to resource for clients in the industry. Strategies that create content which have customers coming back for more…


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I currently work as the Marketing Director and Training Center Coordinator for a leading Automotive Consulting Firm but my first experience operating a business was when I was nine years old - I worked with my family owned production company. During those years ahead I started a professional career in the beauty industry. By the age of fifteen I knew what lay in store and by eighteen years of age I was managing a nail salon and later became regional “Nail Educator for Wanamaker’s Salons.” …


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Search Marketing Trends for 2014

The excitement has been building for a little while now and we're finally here. 2013 was awesome for many of us on all three sides of the ball - dealers, vendors, and OEMs - and 2014 is trending towards being even better for many. On the other hand, the dangers popping up in many marketing disciplines are also casting some doubts on the future of a good chunk of the…


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Are you Investing in SEO the Warren Buffett Way?

An SEO, one of the most common questions from potential clients goes something like this: “If we target keywords X, Y and Z, what kind of return can we expect on our investment? We need to know the potential ROI before we invest.”

Did you catch that? The keys to that question are the…


Added by MANNY LUNA on December 24, 2013 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments

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