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This Week in Social Media with @SocialLittleMan

This Week in Social Media-Facebook Updates!

News for the Week of September 28

Customized Facebook Notes

Facebook users can now look forward to writing notes that are beautiful and customizable, and in addition, notes can be longer than standard…


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Leverage these emotions to sell more cars to millennials

Today’s news is full of articles about the buying power and habits of the “millennials”, which has an estimated population of 78 million. This Women’s Wednesday is part of a multi-part series we are exploring about women buyers within this segment. Of millennial buyers, 53% are female. Understanding the nuances of selling to this new generation of women can put…


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As a New Auto Salesperson, What is the Best Way to Learn About My Brand?

Every new car Dealership has factory brochures and print materials that explain the various models and option packages of the vehicles they sell.  These are not just for the Customer but also for the Salesperson who wants to learn their product in order to be successful selling it to Customers.  

Studying these brochures is a…


Added by David Lewis on September 30, 2015 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Do More Firefighters At A Fire Cause More Fire Damage? Rethinking Attribution

When thinking about attribution, it would make everyone’s lives much simpler if there was a straight line between marketing, conversion and a sale. As car buyers increasingly visit more touchpoints in their car shopping journey,…


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Is There Such a Thing as Bad PR?

How to Turn a PR Nightmare into a Sales Dream 

Right now, the automotive industry is buzzing about Volkswagen and emissions testing. You may think this is a bad time to own a VW dealership, or you may be looking to jump on the bandwagon and grab some marketshare. Just stop and watch this week’s Think Tank Tuesday and I will show you why there is no such thing as bad PR!…


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Ken Garff Auto Group Adds CarStory® Market Reports to its Dealer Websites; Giving In-Market Used Car Shoppers Direct Access to Detailed Used Car Data

Auto group integrates Inline CarStory Market Reports into its nearly 50 dealership websites; information-rich reports increase consumer engagement and trust

CarStory, the industry’s largest provider of search and inventory data and analytics on…


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Don’t Give Up On Your Customers and They Won’t Give Up On You

In life, not everything goes our way. Things happen. Planes get delayed. It rains during a wedding. Life intervenes. In business, the same holds true. If a situation is handled improperly, or is unaddressed, customers are likely to get ignored. With proper attention, however, customers can be forgiving.


Take for example,…


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Auto/Mate Presents "How to Create Customer Loyalty Without a Customer Loyalty Program" in an Automotive News Webinar

Albany, N.Y. – September 28th, 2015 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems ( announced today that its president and CEO, Mike Esposito, will be presenting a FREE webinar titled "How to Create Customer Loyalty Without a Customer Loyalty Program." The Automotive News webinar is scheduled for Thursday, October 15th, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. EST.


"Many dealers rely on customer service training and loyalty programs to…


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Social Media Is Becoming a Prime Customer Service Center

Today’s consumers look to social media as a prime way to reach out to businesses for customer service needs. From requesting help with a problem, to simple answers to product questions, many consumers take to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


Recently, Facebook upped the ante for businesses with a new way to communicate with customers that…


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Do you care?

Start Caring Today

Your marketing needs to be consistent to make a sale. With every new offer, sale, and promotion, your marketing must feel the same throughout. Get all the details this week on Hard Facts.…


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New Honda video-"Paper"

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Successful Communication for Dealerships

Communication Strategies for Bridging the Generation Gap

Communicating with customers is a constantly changing endeavor for car dealerships. Every few years, more generations are added to your potential car-buyer pool, and your team is tasked with coming up with ways to effectively communicate to a multi-generational market. Keeping up with the younger generations…


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Twitter’s Impact on Car Buyers

Last year, Twitter partnered with the data firm Datalogix to study Twitter’s influence on sales transactions in the car industry. Twitter provided Datalogix with all the data they had about brand, dealership and consumer Twitter accounts. Datalogix then paired actual vehicle purchases by cross-referencing the Twitter data with data from Polk.…


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This Week in Social Media With @SeeKristinTweet

Social Update for the week of September 21st

Signal for Facebook and Instagram

News junkies, you’re in for a treat.  Facebook recently introduced Signal for Facebook and Instagram, a free and easy way to make Facebook a part of your news-gathering…


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Glengarry Glen Gross

Glengarry Glen Gross

By: Alan Ram

Who remembers that scene in Glengarry Glen Ross where Jack Lemmon is pleading with Kevin Spacey for the “premium leads.” “I can’t work these weak, worn-out leads anymore! You can take all of them! Just give me ONE of the good leads and I’ll close them!”  In many cases, I imagine many dealers today as kind of a…


Added by Alan Ram on September 24, 2015 at 4:42pm — 4 Comments

How Big Data is Keeping Dangerous Vehicles Off the Road [Infographic]

big data car

How Big Data is Keeping Dangerous Vehicles Off the Road [Infographic]

In 2014, vehicle recalls hit a…


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CBC Announces Modernized Auto Financing by Prequalifying Buyers with "No Credit Score Impact"

Credit Bureau Connection (CBC), the leader in credit reports and compliance solutions, today released the company’s latest innovation to the automotive industry, eQualify Online. This powerful process allows consumers to…


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A Huge Move Could Lead To Increased Loyalty & Sales

In an unprecedented move, AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson recently announced that AutoNation will no longer sell any vehicle with an open recall – new or used. According to Automotive News, this effectively grounds up to 10 percent of AutoNation’s…


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Tow bar fitting help

Once you have decided which tow bar type to purchase, it is important to know how to install it. Typically, tow bars are bolted to the frame of the vehicle just beneath the bumper. But some lower weight options allow the tow bar to be bolted to the bumper as well. In either of the case, the tow bar must be of the appropriate length to fit on the front or back of the vehicle.



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SEO For Automotive Dealerships

I got in the car business in 1999. One of the ways we got people into the dealership. Was to put balloons on the antennas of the vehicles we had on our lot. Why balloons? It got peoples attention. They noticed us from a block away and across two lanes of traffic. It made them look over at us it piqued their curiosity. And they would pull in and look at our inventory.

The internet has changed the way people buy vehicles. Nowadays your website will get 10x more impressions a month then…


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