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A Real Call Dive In

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Well well well.  It  has been a while since I have been on here but while on here, I wanted to share a real call that I took not too long ago.

Ever get the customer who tells you (after you FINALLY get them even on the phone) that "they aren't ready to come in" or "they are 6 months out".

Solid nuggets here.…


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Controlling “Post-Sale” Reconditioning by Richard Keeney

Salespeople, Managers and Dealers:  Stop losing time and money because it’s easier to say…


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The 9 Best Back to College Reading Books

The 9 Best Back to College Reading Books

Summer's over – it's time to put down the beach reads and pick up something a little meatier. Whether it's back to school or back to the grind, fall is usually the time of year when we buckle down and focus. These are our favorite books to help launch you from classroom to boardroom. Do you have another title that didn't make…


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Write Service Podcast: Episode 46- Delivering the Vehicle

Do your survey scores struggle from the delivery of the vehicle? Either you're rushed, they're rushed, or you don't know how to do it properly. To turn it around, practice Jeff's process of scheduling the delivery! Stay tuned to hear how to do it, and all the benefits of doing so. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan


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The Pitfalls of Discounting Service

When it comes to sales and service transactions in the retail automotive industry, a main strategy in acquiring new customers or repeat business has always…


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Peer-to-Peer: Designing a Mentorship Program for Success

There are a plethora of training programs and trainers in the automotive industry many of which have different styles, advice, and opinions. Often, those opinions vary widely. While training is indeed something I advocate in dealerships both as an ongoing initiative and for new-to-the-industry employees (no matter which department), no business can function as a…


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Failure does define you

When you’re at low water mark in your life, people try to rescue you by saying that the failure you’re experiencing doesn’t “define” you. And I get it; the idea is to try to isolate the failure-to treat it as a one-time event and not a life without the possibility of parole kind of sentence.

You had no…


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Auto Dealer University - A Training Platform That Focuses on ENGAGEMENT and Continued ACTIVITY

Some of the most consistent complaints I hear GM's, Managers and Dealer Principals talk about regarding Virtual Training Platforms are as follows:

  • "It's hard to get my team to stay engaged!"
  • "It's boring!"
  • "I don't have time to monitor them to stay on top of training."

We heard you and we have the solutions to these problems!

Too many dealers allow training…


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Time to Skill Up!

It's the last week of the month. Create urgency. Utilize incentives and rebates, specific inventory for specials and continue to sell the appointment.

Here are a few tips to remember and say while on the call with customers this week.
  • "Your presence is your power.” This emphasizes the impact of coming in and being in the store to get the most that they can…

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Is Content Marketing a Necessity or a Nuisance?

In a recent blog, I wrote about how content marketing is more of a long-term play.


In addition, to attract an audience, it is vital to offer more than purely sales content and “buy now!” messages. Consumers are constantly bombarded with these salesy messages.…


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Here Are Easy Wins for Your Dealership’s Most Vital Pages

What’s the purpose of your dealership’s website?

There’s a good chance you can answer that easily. It’s supposed to drive car shoppers to your inventory to turn them into leads via phone calls or form submissions. The issue is that some dealers opt for bells and whistles instead of making their most important…


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It's Not Rocket Science

Talk to anyone in any position in the car business and I bet they can tell you a story of a terrible First Day on the job.  If you are reading this, you are probably in the car business and have your own story to tell. 


So often, new employees arrive for their first day—excited and a bit nervous—and their reception that is anything but a “Welcome” and…


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Do You Know a Fabulous Female in the #Automotive Retail Industry?

For Immediate Release

David Lewis & Associates will be launching our #DLACrushITWednesday campaign to honor our partner’s female workforce, on the second Wednesday of every month.

Automotive dealerships typically employ 40-50 plus ranging from executive level, sales, and administrative positions. Women…


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SUV and Pickup Truck Values Remained Stable Last Week

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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Success in Professional Sales Podcast: Episode 45- The "Why Would You Want To Do That?" Close

This week, Jeff discusses a close that is most effective when the customer is saying no to something that is actually required or highly, highly recommended. This close will deliver a 80-90% closing ratio for any product or service. Stay tuned for a role play scenario! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan


Click HERE to watch!…


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What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate!

Dealerships spend a lot of money on leads. The bigger the store, the more money spent. And, added to that expense are staffing costs and the time and effort involved in trying to engage with consumers who submit the leads.


In the car shopping process consumers conduct a considerable amount of research and visit many different touch points. A major goal of any…


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Jumpstart Automotive Media and Ipsos Unveil Joint Report on How Digital Strategies Can Close the Gap Between Dealers and Consumers; Study Sheds Light on Differences in Perceptions and Where They Align

Jumpstart Automotive Media, a leading media, insights, and marketing solutions company, today announced a joint study with research firm, Ipsos: “Today’s Auto Buyer and the Digital Retailing Experience." The report looks at points of view of both the consumer and the dealer to better understand the shopping journey, and how and where digital and mobile strategies have changed the consideration, negotiation, and buying processes. While recognizing that the car-buying process…


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How to Measure the Value of Professional Sales Training

Any business entity that decides to take on the commitment of training employees for higher levels of skill and achievement would certainly want to know that their training dollars are being well spent.  Calculating your ROI (Return On Investment) properly is not as easy as just adding up how much your profit has increased or decreased as a result of your investment in…


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The Weakest Link in Data Attribution Part II: Data Standardization

Today, too many dealerships rely on old attribution models, such as first-click or last-click. While current technological advancements provide a clearer picture of marketing with more up-to-date attribution models, dealers are failing to leverage the best technology to reach customers.


There is an obvious challenge. While selling cars over multiple channels…


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Getting The Most Bang From Your Social Media Bucks

Today, it’s a well-known fact among dealers that a consistent presence on social media properties is vital to keeping their brand in front of consumers. It has also been found that some different types of content – text, images and video – perform better than others.


However, it’s still very difficult to know what the best TIME is to post content in order to…


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