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Are you stuck in the Tyranny of the “OR” ?

                               "OR Versus "AND" .... Another TheoryOf5 Philosophy

My mentors and I believe most people think they are realistic about what they want in life. We understand not everyone wants to work 60 to 90 hours a week to become a multimillionaire. They don’t need to earn a doctorate just to find satisfying work. They don’t need to be an elite athlete to simply stay in shape.…


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The Future of your Service Department

There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than being told a repair will take X amount of time - only to be informed later that it will take longer. To those who work in busy dealership service departments, this happens frequently. Customers come in for one thing and, during the multi-point inspection, additional issues are found. Or, as can sometimes be the case, a…


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How to Best Present the Benefits of a Career in Automotive Retail Sales!

Recruiting and hiring quality personnel for vehicle sales has never been easy, but according to most dealers I talk with, it’s never been as difficult as it is today. Even most of those in the job market with an interest in a “sales” career state that they want to stay away from selling cars!

Although the automotive sales profession has pretty much overcome the stereotyping of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, it is still plagued with negative perceptions, the most…


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Write Service Podcast: Episode 22- The Next Visit Technique

This week, Jeff visits yet another common mistake that service advisors make: not asking for future business! Future business requires the advisor to not only sell the service, but also sell themselves! The most effective way to do this is by using the proven techniques: The Next Visit and The Proactive Next Visit. Both word tracks will secure you more future business than you can imagine! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan…


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DealerELITE Subscribers Receive $400 Off Digital Dealer 24


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Think Efficiency isn’t the Answer? Check out this Story!

According to a recent article in Automotive News, Motorcars Honda in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, believes that the future of franchise dealership profitability lies in efficient vehicle service, and as a result it’s service…


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Service Conquest: Success is in the Data

As new vehicle sales profits become more difficult, it is important to increasingly turn your attention to growing your service business.  Dealers are rightly interested in finding new service customers to replace lost customers. However, service conquest is very difficult because you must overcome three challenges: reaching current driver, determining service need, and…


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A Day as a Car Dealer

The job of a car dealer is filled with various duties and responsibilities that he does all through the day. His main activities will include dealing with various customers and doing different administrative tasks as well. He may have to sell cars directly to the customers or through online transactions. Irrespective of the way of transaction, he is loaded with the responsibilities to generate sale for the car company. Some car dealers deal with one type of car brand while some deal with…


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Five Keys to Effective Execution

Execution is not about fighting every battle, but choosing the fewest battles necessary to win the war. Game changing results are a matter of doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well - every day, without excuse, and regardless of the cost. In this episode Dave shares five keys to effective execution so you can apply the 8 game changer traits more consistently day in and day out, and execute towards your most bold visions and goals. Get the 5 keys at …


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Strongest Week for Used Cars in Two Years

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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Success in Professional Sales Podcast: Episode 21- 3 Reasons Why People Don't Buy

This week, Jeff discusses a familiar topic to many of us: Why customers won't buy! We've all had great presentations, closes, and product value, so why don't we get the sale every time? Is it because your product is unnoticed, your presentation doesn't showcase the value or brand, the product isn't current enough, or you simply don't know where to start? Stay tuned to find out the top three reasons why people don't buy. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan…


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Is Digital Retailing Really a Good Thing for Dealers?

The buzz today among vendors in the automotive industry is all about making the car buying transaction faster and more convenient for the consumer. I get it. Consumers think it takes too long to buy a car, so technology companies are inventing ways to trim down that transaction time. Sure, it may make car buying an easier and more convenient experience for consumers which,…


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Don’t text and drive in 2018 – or ever!

As a leading texting solutions provider in the automotive industry, it has become a responsibility of AdvantageTec to further amplify all the cries for help in preventing texting and mobile phone usage while driving. A majority of adults believe they can text and drive but the data proves them wrong. This problem reminds me of…


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Why Should We Focus on Women? Part 3

-by Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess Dealer Service Magazine.

In my two previous articles (Part 1 and Part 2), I shared…


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"One More" by David Martin

I would like to recommend a very important philosophy that you should incorporate into your daily sales regiment. The concept is called “One More”. At its heart, it simply means that when you think you are done, do one more. One more what, you ask? One more phone call, one more email, one more text, one more social engagement, one more prospecting attempt, give out one more…


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Jumpstart Automotive Media Path To Purchase Insights: Midsize And Full-size Sedans Starting To See Growth In Shopper Interest During February

Jumpstart Automotive Media, a leading media, insights, and marketing solutions company, today released its monthly shopper interest data results, with sedans representing four of the top-five fastest growing models for shopper interest in February. Mazda and Kia each saw strong interest, and sedans in both the midsize and full-size segments saw significant growth during the month.

Shopper interest in midsize sedans on both the luxury and non-luxury sides  grew 10%  compared to…


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Hearst Autos Announces Two New Car and Driver Shopping Tools for Dealers and Automotive Shoppers: TRADE-IN VALUE and CREDIT SCORE

New Car and Driver Trade Appraisal and Credit Score Tools Elevate Confidence Among Consumers; Build More Flexibility Into the Transaction Price and Deliver Dealers a More Qualified Shopper

Hearst Autos, parent to Car and Driver, Jumpstart Automotive Media, Road &…


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Black Book, a division of Hearst Business Media that provides industry-leading used vehicle valuation and residual value forecast solutions, announced today it has signed an agreement to provide vehicle valuation data for ROUSH Performance Products, a company offering an extensive line of aftermarket performance parts, vehicles and crate engines.…


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Auto/Mate's David Druzynski to Present “Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Reduce Employee Turnover” at Innovative Dealer Summit

Albany, NY – March 26, 2018​ – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems ( announced today that David Druzynski, Chief People Officer at Auto/Mate, will present “Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Reduce Employee Turnover” at the upcoming Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver, CO, on April 3-4, 2018. In his presentation, Druzynski will share four proven human resources strategies to help…


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